Hartsmere Logistics



Since the very beginning Hartsmere have offered a specialist service for the movement of Materials   Handling Equipment. We are now one of the  leading European shippers of Fork lift trucks, and container stackers and ship side equipment. Many European manufacturers and manufacturer’s agents entrust us with movement of their equipment from production facility through to end user. We are able to collect and deliver directly on the international vehicle thus avoiding damage through double handling. Where a consignee cannot unload an international vehicle, Hartsmere are able to provide a specialist cross docking operation and effect delivery on a covered fork lift carrier with an integral ramp. For shipments of Fork Lift Trucks, from the Far East arriving in the UK by container, Hartsmere have unloading facilities in the London area and at Felixstowe. Trucks can then be delivered by fork lift carrier with integral ramp direct to the dealer or the end user. For Larger pieces of equipment Container stackers and other ship side equipment Hartsmere offer a world wide Service for both Imports and Exports, part dismantling The masts and spreaders, and utilising Roll on Roll off  Ferries for the larger part of the vehicle (Chassis). We have a team of Expert low loader technicians who can load and move this type of Equipment around the UK.